Westie Rescue

We're really lucky with our breed that there are very few unwanted Westies, but it does happen.  Sometimes it's because their owner has died and the family aren't in a position to care for the dog or they get out and become lost or they get handed in to the pound.  Yes believe it or not that does happen!!

If you find a wandering Westie don't take it to the pound but take it to the local vet and have it scanned for it's microchip and it may be able to be re-united with its' owners.

If  the owner can't be found or if you know of a lost, abandoned or abused Westie that needs help contact one of the clubs' committee members and they will endeavour to assist you.

If you have a Westie that needs to be rescued or rehomed please contact us at westierescue@westieclubofnsw.org.au or call Helen (NSW) on 0416 245 321 or Jan (ACT) on 0412 411 424.      

While not connected to this club you can also contact Danielle at All Westie Rescue on 0408 584 568

All Westie Rescue