Showing your Westie

If you intend to show your West Highland White Terrier all you have to do is firstly make sure your dog is registered on the Main Register with Dogs NSW.  This means that your dog is registered to both show and be bred from.  The next thing to do is to contact the Dogs NSW and ask for membership details to be sent to you.  Please ensure that you mark that The West Highland White Terrier Club referred you.

After joining Dogs NSW you will need to purchase a show entry form book.  A request for this book may be done when sending in your completed membership form. 

Once your membership is completed you will receive a publication called The Canine Journal published by Dogs NSW each month.  This journal contains general show news around the dog circuit, results of previous dog shows, etc., and details of upcoming specialty and all breeds dog shows.  The details of the shows appear in a special section of the journal called The Canine Gazette stating:

                           *  Dog club holding the show

                           *  Where the show is to be held

                           *  Date and commencement time of the show

                           *  Judges of each particular group

                           *  List of prizes

                           *  Entry fee amount

                           *  Who to send the completed entry form to

                           *  Name of Club for remittance to be made out to.

Normally on the top right hand corner of the show advertisement is where you will find the closing date for            Dog Show 1915

entries to be received by the club hold the show.                                                                                               

Other information which may help you is also contained in the advertisement.

Members of The West Highland White Terrier Club of NSW who show their Westies will help any new member to the club fill out show entry forms.


The West Highland White Terrier Club of NSW holds two specialty breed shows each year, these are championship shows and are held on Easter Sunday and in October.

The normal procedure for entering a show is selecting the show you want to enter, fill in the entry form, and post it in time so it reaches its destination before the closing date.

Always include a stamped, self-addressed envelope (for return of your number) the completed entry form (s) and a remittance cheque to cover entry fee and show catalogue. 

***  It is advisable that new exhibitors purchase a show catalogue.

Try to arrive at the show ring for the commencement of the show.  There is always someone there to direct you to the Terrier ring when you first start showing.  Read your catalogue after you pick it up from the secretary’s office it will indicate the order of judging and help you have your puppy ready when the Westies are called.

It is a good idea to go to the assembly area nearing the completion of the breed before of the West Highland White Terriers, this way you will not miss the call for your puppy.  Have your show number clearly displayed and listen for the steward to call you to the ring entrance.

And finally ENJOY YOURSELF!!!!!

NB:  Dogs registered on the Lower Register can not be shown or bred from (Dogs NSW will not register dogs that are bred from Lower Register Dogs).  This in no way means that the dogs are inferior either in breeding or in conforming to The Standard for West Highland White Terriers.  Breeders register dogs in the Lower Register for many reasons.

Show Training for You and Your Puppy

There are a number of organisations in Sydney and also in country areas that hold show training classes to help you introduce your new puppy into the show ring and also help older dogs that may have other particular problems showing.

The training not only gets the puppy used to being in and around the show ring and handled by different instructors, it is also designed to educate the dog handler on what to do and handle him/herself in the ring.

These classes are a valuable asset to you and your puppy if you intend to show regularly and want to get the very best out of it.

For information regarding these show training classes contact your local all breeds club or the Canine Council’s journal where these classes are advertised.